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Second Opinion

Receive your online second opinion for PET/CT examinations. Our radiologists will interpret your study and issue a detailed, informative and definitive written PET/CT second opinion report.


The importance of a pet/ct second opinion?
Second opinions can statistically significantly improve diagnostic accuracy. Your doctor has refered you to PET/CT diagnostics to make sure you had the best imaging diagnosis possible. PET/CT images are captured by machines using advanced technology however it is up to human eyes and the judgment of the radiologist to analyze and interpretate what was recorded. Many variables can influence the interpretation of an exam – the radiologist’s experience level, workload level, fatigue. A PET/CT second opinion can ensure the accuracy of your exam interpretation and give you the confidence that you are pursuing the best possible treatment for your cancer and your circumstances. A second opinion may confirm your current diagnosis or give you additional information that could lead to more effective treatment.
Do I need a PET/CT Second Opinion?
PET/CT second opinion is particularly important for conditions where diagnosis demands a high level of radiology skill and when a mis-diagnosis may result in more invasive treatment or an irreversible treatment that may be unnecessary. Sometimes physicians over- or under-diagnose. If you are in a situation where you feel confused or concerned about your diagnosis and treatment plan or you feel that there is no improvement in your condition from the treatment you are receiving based on your initial radiology reports, then a second opinion can provide you more clarity. Also remember that you have invested time and finances traveling to the PET/CT site and in the exam process itself. A small investment in a PET/CT second opinion will help you make the most of your efforts so you can feel assured and confident about the results of your exam.
Patients active role in their own healthcare
We believe that patients should play an active role in their own healthcare. When it comes to your health and well-being, confidently understanding your condition and options is a crucial first step in pursuing what is best for you and your family. Receiving a PET/CT second opinion doesn’t mean you don’t trust your doctor. It simply means you are willing to play an active role in your own healthcare.
How it works:


Upload your doctor's report and imaging scans. Scans must be uploaded in their DICOM format (.dcm file extension) from the files you receive from your imaging provider (either from a disc, thumb drive, or downloaded from a portal). You can also choose to mail us your scan CD.


As soon as we recieve your application form, we will send to You a confirmation email from our client service within 24 hours with attached Invoice. Make a payment using Bank Transfer.


As soon as we recieve your imaging scans and payment, our radiologist will assess your scans and the clinical documents and provide a detailed, informative and definitive written PET/CT second opinion report of our findings emailed to you in .pdf format. If requested, we will compare your PET/CT second opinion test to previous radiology exams you've had. We will comment on the quality of exam and recommend a repeat study if the quality is not adequate. Should you have questions about your second opinion report, please email with specific questions about your report.
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