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Bowel cancer patient's survival story

Woman, 69 years old, colorectal cancer

I first met cancer in 1995, when I was discovered ovarian cancer. I underwent surgery and chemotherapy. For all these years I took proper care of my health and underwent the necessary check-ups. Since I had been through this hell once I hoped that the cancer would not come back, but it did – this time in a different form.

In autumn 2015, I felt excessive weakness and sever stomach-ache.

Lung cancer patient survival story

Man, 48 years old, lung cancer

Most probably I was a hard nut to crack for pulmonologists, as they could not discover what is wrong with me quite for long. Before I fell ill I had been inhaling various things. When working in construction I did not always use a face mask and I took regular smoke breaks. Yes, I did smoke a lot. I know it is not the best thing one could give to his lungs, but when you are healthy you do not usually think about many things...

PET/CT – the most precise cancer diagnostics method

Meet LILITA ROZNERE, Radiologist/Therapist at the "RSU Nuclear Medicine Clinic" and the Oncology Centre of Latvia.

Is it true that PET/CT is such a unique method – the most accurate for cancer diagnostics? I have read about the study carried out in the USA that 24 000 patients were diagnosed cancer by using classical methods – ultrasound, computed tomography, biopsy – and straight after they

The imaging showed something like two small fireflies…

“The images obtained during the examination showed something like two small fireflies glittering against the dark background,” Sintija tells.

After a tiresome cycle of chemotherapy she was looking forward for long-awaited news that the malignant tumour in her breast has disappeared. The reality was quite different. “I am glad that I listened to my husband and underwent PET/CT examination.


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